A Family Saga — At Warp Speed


Close families share everything. Including consequences. When Laren Brightstar, one of the HIO’s premier terralogists, refuses a job offer from a power-hungry despot, a chain of suspicious circumstances arise that quickly scatter his loved ones across the galaxy. Torn apart by space and time, will each survive long enough to be united ever again?

A move to another planet that goes horribly wrong. A power hungry man’s obsession with another’s abilities. Suspicious circumstances that scatter a family across the galaxy. Will rescue efforts succeed or make the situation even worse?

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Opposition’s lethal temperatures are more than a simple ballome can withstand. Designing and building a heat-exchanger is the only way they’ll survive. Obtaining the needed components, however, is another story.

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Taking refuge in the Caverns is like a dream come true. But the dreams generated by their mysterious depths promise death or worse. Is forewarned really forearmed? Or another lure into the Integrator’s grasp?

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A discovery that links two dimensions of time. A prison ship’s dirty little secret. Esheron has answers but can they access them before it’s too late?

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TDPA51-finalRGB+front1868x2772 copy


In May 1978 a rogue UFO lands at Hill AFB in Ogden, Utah. NASA astrobiologist, Gabe Greenley, is called in to investigate a strange plant found onboard, which has been taken to Area 51. His security oaths eventually result in an ethical dilemma with treasonous and deadly implications.

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