The Star Trails Compendium

CompendiumFRONT09042022-150dpiDownload a FREE copy of The Star Trails Compendium from one of the links below to obtain all the background information on Cyraria found elsewhere on this site, including the section for educators, in convenient ebook format.  Explore the reasons for the planet’s extreme weather as it orbits a binary star system in a figure-8 pattern known as a lemniscate.  Learn more about its political structure and indigenous race, the bnolar.  The glossary of terms and definitions includes Star Trails’ unique words as well as short explanations of some of the scientific principles involved in the stories.

The BONUS SECTION FOR EDUCATORS contains book by book and chapter by chapter discussion and lesson plan ideas, based on the science inherent in the plots of the Star Trails Tetralogy.  Educators who place this series on their reading list to stimulate advanced students’ interest in science, math, physics, and engineering, can then follow up with ready-made assignments with minimal effort.

Recent Reviews Related to Science Content 

“I love science so much that I’ve designated my career to teaching it in the public schools. I’ve read the Star Trails Tetralogy and found the science so sound that [the author’s] stories are very plausible. They are fiction but she leaves the “what if” doors wide open for one’s imagination. The Compendium is a fantastic guide for the Star Trails enthusiast. She also includes a section for teachers to work elements of the series into their lesson plans with great fantastic high level questions and explanations for each book and each chapter. . .. Good brain questions. The type that get students synapses firing!” –Amazon Reviewer

“Marcha Fox has a gift for explaining the science in an interesting and original way. . . Sci-fi fans who love properly developed cultures backed up by hard and well understood science will devour these stories.” –Amazon Reviewer

“Science theory is a large part of this story and the writer uses many scenes and situations to explore warp drive, time bumps, worm holes, and warp gullies to name a few. When explanation is needed in a book, it usually slows progression of the plot, but the author uses the science as a “key” to unlock the puzzle of the many developing situations in which Creena finds herself. It’s a great book for anyone that wants to learn more about scientific concepts while being thoroughly entertained.” –Amazon Reviewer

“Anyone who loves hard science will lap this book up.” –Amazon Reviewer

“Having taught junior high science for a number of years [I] think this read would be a fabulous addition to classroom libraries as well as “the hungry for sci-fi lovers” personal bookshelf.” –Amazon Reviewer

“A great book for anyone that wants to learn more about scientific concepts while being thoroughly entertained.” –Amazon Reviewer

“The scientific details added greatly to the story without sounding like something out of a textbook.” –Amazon Reviewer

“Fox supports some of the science in the novel with real, actual, well… science! She’s worked for NASA and it shows. I should say, the science isn’t distracting from the story; this isn’t one of those science-books-masquerading-as-a-novel that I sometimes run into from those who write “hard” science fiction story. Star Trails includes some philosophy, pseudoscience, and even a touch of fantasy to enliven the scientific bits.” –Amazon Reviewer

“Science is at this book’s core, but presented in such a way that the reader doesn’t realize they are learning about scientific concepts, like the passage of time at various speeds, because they are focused on survival and learning to adapt to new and unexpected situations – not to mention characters.” –Amazon Reviewer

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