The Sapphiran Agenda

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00005]This short story is a prequel to The Star Trails Tetralogy starring Thyron, a flora peda telepathis from the planet, Sapphira. His naterra, or home world, is populated by his species of telepathic walking plants in addition to a race of cannibalistic pygmies. These humanoids recognize this highly evolved botanical intelligence as superior to their own and thus worship them as gods. The two diverse species have a synergistic relationship in which Thyron (and others of his kind) provide technical assistance to the natives in their interstellar forays for food in return for protection, albeit of the spears and rocks variety.

Encounters with humans generally don’t end well. Face it, humans are omnivorous with plants a popular source of nourishment. Attempt this on Sapphira, however, and the food chain is likely to change rather abruptly.

If you’ve read Beyond the Hidden Sky, you’ve already met the Sapphirans as well as Thyron and experienced his botanical wisdom. This is the backstory of his adventures prior to his appearance in Volume I of the Star Trails Tetralogy.

Get to know Thyron even better in The Terra Debacle: Prisoners at Area 51, backstory to Volume II, A Dark of Endless Days.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00005]

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Recent Reviews

“Don’t let the title of this great little book make you think it is about the Sapphirans, who are an alien race of little, illiterate blue cannibals. The Sapphiran Agenda is about my favorite-ever sentient plant: Thyron.

“The Sapphiran Agenda ties in with Marcha Fox’s Star Trails Tetralogy series, which I absolutely loved. In fact, if I had been asked to find a fault with that 5 star series, it would have been that Ms. Fox didn’t spend enough time with Thyron, but now he has his very own book. It is great to see how he thinks and what his dreams and fears are.   As Thyron and a crew of six Sapphiran natives board their spacecraft, Cerulean Nimrod, which means ‘Blue Hunter’, Thyron steps into his destiny – and a story you don’t want to miss.”  –Smashwords Reviewer

“I loved the subtle comedy and the development of Thyron’s character. Marcha Fox brings his personality to life. He is a lovable character who has his own agenda in the little adventure that takes him to another planet where he meets Creena. I won’t give away any spoilers. It’s a book that needs to be read. I’ll admit its suspenseful! I read it while travelling on vacation and couldn’t put it down until I finished it! The author has a way of bringing the reader into the sci-fi world she created and placing them into the story. The science is plausible. As a science teacher I dig that. I’ve been turned off by sci-fi that isn’t realistic. Her books are credible adding to the believability and creativity of the story. She gives plenty of background while at the same time building the plot. As one of my favorite authors I wait for her to release another book related to the series.” –Goodreads Reviewer

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